About Ben Smith

Ben Smith graduated from Winona Senior High and then from Winona State University. Ben earned his J.D. from William Mitchell College of Law in 2005. Ben worked as a Judicial Law Clerk, where he researched and wrote court orders before moving on to practice as a Minnesota Assistant County Attorney in the areas of misdemeanor through felony crimes, as well as county planning and zoning.

Ben Smith has taken hundreds of cases to trial. Ben wrote briefs and argued four cases in front of the Minnesota Court of Appeals and one case in front of the Minnesota Supreme Court, involving areas of criminal and constitutional issues—prevailing on all five. Ben has represented detainees in immigration court and works daily to ensure that the rights of his clients are upheld.

Ben is also currently an adjunct professor at Winona State University.

Ben enjoys reading classic literature, playing chess, and listening to live music. Ben appreciates all Winona has to offer, including the Mississippi River, and hiking and climbing in the bluffs.

Ben has a Jack Russell Terrier named Suzie. Jack Russells are fiercely loyal dogs and absolutely fearless. Suzie enjoys swimming and fetching the tennis ball.